Aftercare & Drying

After the pour we suggest the recommendations on our Aftercare sheet should be followed.

Easy Screed dries naturally at a rate of 1 day per millimetre thickness, at an outside temperature of 20ºC. However this can be greatly affected by the actual temperature conditions at the time.

If there are underfloor heating circuits in the screed, these can be turned on 2 days after the screed is poured, starting at 20 ºC and increasing daily. This will help reduce the drying out time.

It is absolutely essential to ensure that the floor screed is fully dried out before ANY floor finish is installed.

Unlike cement based screeds, Easy Screed does not retain moisture. When it reaches 0% moisture levels, you can be guaranteed there will be no more difficulties with moisture content in the floor. Cement based floor screeds have a tendency to release trapped water 6-12 months after a floor has been laid. There are known examples of timber floors, particularly wide plank, which have curled and distorted 6-12 months after installation over cementitous screeds. This type of phenomenon does not occur with Easy Screed. When the screed has dried to zero moisture, you can be guaranteed it has fully released any moisture content. Flooring contractors can be virtually guaranteed zero problems when they apply floor finishes over an Easy Screed floor.

Temporary Drying Units to Speed-Up Drying

Providing temporary heat is a new concept to the Irish flooring market, in which Easyscreed are the market leaders in.

This helps to speed up the drying process and reduces the need to put costly damp proof membranes which regularly need to be installed before expensive floor finishes are laid on floors. Ask us for further details.