Installing Floor Finishes

Before installation of the final floor finish, the following steps should be taken:

Step 1) Turn on heating (where applicable)
Where underfloor heating has been installed, it can be turned on 2 days after Easy Screed has been poured. This will help to fast-dry the floor. While it might not be possible to turn the heating on at such a stage, we recommend that the heating should be run before any floor coverings are installed to ensure all of the moisture is out of the floor.Ensure the underfloor heating is turned off 48 hours before the installation of any floor finishes, to ensure the floor is fully cooled.
Step 2) Check Moisture Content (in all cases)
It is our recommendation that a moisture reading is taken to ensure the correct moisture content has been achieved before installation of your floor covering. Manufacturers instructions and recommendations should be followed.We recommend that the TRAMEX CME4 moisture meter is used to assess the floor’s moisture content prior to installing the floor finish.

Special Floor Finish Recommendations

Where loose laid materials, such as carpet, are being installed over Easy Screed, there is no surface preparation require. Please note our recommendations on specific floor coverings as detailed below:

  • Tiled Floors
    It is recommended that prior to laying a tile floor finish over Easy Screed, the surface should be prepared and primed using Primer G or equivalent acrylic primer as per the requirements of the manufacturers of the adhesive being used. Primer and Flexible tile adhesive should always be used where underfloor heating has been installed.POLYBOND, UNIBOND OR OTHER PVA PRIMERS ARE NOT SUITABLE AS A PRIMER WITH UNDERFLOOR HEATING OR EASY SCREED. USING SUCH PRIMERS MAY RESULT IN FLOOR TILES LIFTING OVER TIME.
  • Timber Floors
    Timber floor adhesive manufacturers recommend primers with their respective adhesives. Manufacturers instructions should be followed.Our recommendation is the installation of the Brentec MS35P Structural floor bonding adhesive. This is suitable for use directly onto Easy Screed once the moisture content has reached 0.5%. If the moisture content is higher, a sealer may be required such as Soudal Epoxy Sealer EPR-31P prior to installation of the adhesive.
  • Flat Floor Surfaces/Resilient Floors (Vinyl & Marmoleum)
    Before installation of a resilient/flat floor finish such as marmoleum or vinyl over Easy Screed, there are 4 critical components which should be met:
    1) Sound and rigid construction
    2) Even and smooth surface to Class 1 or SR1
    3) Clean surface
    4) Permanently dry surface

Even and smooth surface:

Classification of Surface Regularity for Wearing Surfaces – BS8204
Class Maximum Permissible Departure from a
3m Straight Edge – mm


SR1 – 3mm High Standard: Special floors
SR2 – 5mm Normal Standard: Normal use in commercial and industrial buildings
SR3 – 10mm Utility Standard: Other floors where surface regularity is less critical

A SR2 floor finish is easily achievable with Easy Screed. To bring the floor to a SR1, some additional work may be required. A class 1 (SR1) floor finish can never be achieved in a single pour. German best-practice for bringing Easy Screed to a SR1 floor finish is to buff the floors 24 hours after installation, using a specialist buffing machine. This requirement is at the discretion of the flooring contractor.

Permanently Dry Surface

Resilient floor coverings can be laid directly over Easy Screed, on the basis that the screed has been allowed enough time to dry fully.

The drying of the screed is critical before installation of vinyl or marmoleum as rising damp can cause problems with the floor finish. To assist with the drying process, it is recommended that the underfloor heating is turned on for 3-4 weeks before installation of the vinyl/marmoleum. The heating should be turned off for 48 hours before the installation begins.

The flooring contractor should always carry out a moisture check on the floor screed before installation begins. It is recommended that a moisture content of 0.5% is reached before installing the vinyl/marmoleum over Easy Screed.

Applications over Easy Screed:

Method A – Standard installation over fully dried floor
Sticking of Marmoleum directly on to Easy Screed is possible. It requires the following actions.
1. Prime the screed
2. Stick Marmoleum directly on the primed subfloor.
It is best practice that the floor is primed before installation of the adhesive for the marmoleum/vinyl.

Method B – If correct moisture content has not been achieved

IT IS ESSENTIAL TO ENSURE THAT ENOUGH TIME IS ALLOWED FOR THE FLOOR TO DRY BEFORE INSTALLING THE COVERING. If this has not been allowed, then additional works will be required over the Easy Screed; including:
1) Installation of a liquid DPM
2) Installation of an additional primer
3) Installation of a smoothing compound
4) Installation of the adhesive
This is an expensive process that can be avoided if enough time is allowed for the screed to dry.

The key considerations before installation of the vinyl/marmoleum floor are:
1) It is critical that the screed is fully dried before installation begins
2) Ideally the floor should be reading 0.5% moisture content
3) Underfloor heating should be let run for 4 full weeks before the installation of the floor covering
4) The heating should be turned off 48 hours before installation begins
5) Easy Screed must be primed before installation begins.

We suggest you advise and discuss with the flooring contractor that they will be working over Easy Screed, as they will need to prepare the floors accordingly.